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Proposal Project

Sakib Amin, Nezar Vidad, Raymond Wu, Jia Hui Li

April 2, 2019

The City College of New York’s First Hotel: Benny and Rocky’s Hotel


At The City College of New York, we have students coming from all over the 5 boroughs. All students tend to a have a similar struggle; The time it takes to travel to CCNY and back home. We conducted a survey asking some of the students at CCNY, how many hours a day do they spend on commuting. On average, most students spend about 2-3 hours a day commuting, and when asked if they enjoy the travel time, a majority of them responded no.

We would like to propose the idea of a hotel as a solution to this problem. The hotel will provide a place where students could stay the night and be fully rested for the next day. There will be two types of hotel rooms, single rooms and shared rooms, and each room will be accommodated with beds, tables, and a bathroom. A public shower room will be in separate rooms accommodating all gender identities. While on average, some of the best hotels in world cost around $300 per night and understanding that most college students cannot afford nearly that much for one night, this is why we will be making the cost of one room $50 per night and $30 dollars per person a night for a shared room. Furthermore, there will be a fitness center located at the basement of the hotel as an added bonus for our guests. There will be cardio machines, plenty of free weights, and various weight machines.

Acknowledging that the services of a hotel can be a bit expensive to provide, the hotel will only provide the essential needs of the students. This includes tissues, toiletries, towels, accessible drinking water that work similar to the free water refill fountains, soap, and hairdryers. Unfortunately, items such as coffee makers, tea bags, and such other common hotel items will not be provided for the sake of providing affordable service. In addition, for the safety of our guests, fire alarms, first-aid kits, and carbon monoxide detectors will be located in virtually every room.

Another substantial benefit that the hotel can provide are jobs for our students. Students are always finding ways to pay off their tuition, obtain work experience in being with a team, and being more social. With a hotel that demands sufficient room service, organization, management, and teamwork, along with the support of approximately 20,000 students on campus, employment would not only help our students, but also provide new opportunities for them. Some of the following positions that are available are housekeeping, receptionists, night management, and room service.

Action Plan:

Step 1: Location and Structure

Benny and Rocky’s Hotel will be built on a small open field right above the City College Center of Innovation and Discovery. The building will be about 50,000 square feet and each room will be about 300 square feet. Originally, the building could have at most 166 rooms based on our calculations, however, while taking into the account the size of the fitness center, lobby, and hallways, a more realistic approach would be to have approximately 150 rooms.

Step 2: Building

In order to start the building process, we would need to hire a construction crew and a civil engineer to look over the entire project. On average, the cost of hiring a crew and engineer is about 10% of the total cost of the building. Once the building process begin, it should take approximately 3 years to complete the hotel.

Step 3: Hiring Staff

 Once the hotel is completely built, we will need a working staff to run the hotel. First, we will need to hire a supervisor who would be in charge of all the workers and make sure everything is being done accordingly. The next 3 positions that we need to be filled are janitors, housekeepers, and a front desk clerk. Considering the size of the hotel, we would need about 3-4 janitors and 3-4 housekeepers to keep the hotel in top condition. The Front Desk Clerk can be given as a campus job to students allowing them to earn some money on the side.

Cost and Benefit:

Table 1: The table above portrays the the costs it requires to pay for the construction of the hotel while paying the workers’ salaries. With the support with the slight increase in the students’ tuition and profit made, it is estimated by the tenth year, we can see profit.

Figure 2: The following line graph illustrates the profit that is being generated and the over a decade. As shown, by the tenth year of Benny and Rocky’s Hotel will have successfully paid off the costs it took to build, while continuously paying the workers’ salaries.


We are all 1st year students at the City College of New York in which we study our respective majors. We have familiarized ourselves with the type of environment and culture the campus has provided us.  Furthermore, we have conducted our surveys with regards to finding the student’s overall satisfaction with their commute times.

  • Raymond Wu, a freshman computer science major, has experience in programming in languages such as Java and C++. He has been programming for 4 years. On his free time, he likes to read, do calisthenics, and weightlift.
  • Sakib Amin, a first year computer science major, recently graduated from Queens High School for the Science at York College. He is proficient in building personal computers and has basic knowledge of coding. He has a great interest in sports, video games, and learning new things.  
  • Nezar Vidad, a first-year computer science major from New Hyde Park, NY. He recently graduated from New Hyde Park Memorial High School. He has basic knowledge of coding. His interests include sports at both the collegiate and professional level, technology, food, investing, and self-improvement.
  • Jia Hui Li, a freshman computer science major that recently graduated from Manhattan Center For Science and Mathematics. He has experience in robotics from high school and basic knowledge about electrical engineering. Also, he has basic knowledge of Java and currently learning to code in C++ through his computer science class in college. His interest are computers, technology and volunteering. If you do not find him on college campus, he will most likely be mentoring students on his high school robotics team.   


Benny and Rocky’s Hotel is an adequate solution to address the students’ long commute times and add to the City College of New York’s unique experience. With the stress of general transportation, students can be relieved knowing that there is an affordable place to stay and rest for the upcoming day. Furthermore, the endless job opportunities the hotel can offer to our students will only further benefit them in their work experiences: supervisors, housekeeping, receptionists, and janitors.

With only a slight raise to our student’s tuition and support from others, we can act on our ten year plan. With three years of construction, strategic planning on its location and architecture, and execution of excellent services, we can sure reach success. After approximately eight years have has passed, it is estimated that the profit being generated will be enough to outpay the costs in constructing the hotel with the support of students’ tuition money and the profit being made. Fortunately, with the extra money that is being generated, the money can be used to further enhanced the quality of the City College of New York. We can use the money to fund fixing our school’s ecsculators, fund clubs, host more events, improve our cafes, and many more; The possibilities are endless. We ask of you to make this happen.


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Survey (How long does it take for you to travel to CCNY?)

Number of PeopleHow long do u commute Everyday? (hours)Would you like an alternate option?
12 Yes
32 ½Maybe
73 ½Yes
82 ¼Yes
9 ¾Maybe
123 ¾Yes
131 ½Yes
173 ½Yes
181 ¾Yes
201 ½Yes
262 ½Yes
272 ½Maybe
282 Maybe
303 ½Yes
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