The Journey of Writing: Reflection of Writing for Engineering

              Throughout this semester in Writing for Engineering, I have completed a great deal of assignments and learned many things in the process. I have written a cover letter and resume, an interview report, a lab report, a proposal, and a technical description. All these different assignments have taught me different writing skills.

              The first assignment I completed in this class was the resume and cover letter. Before doing this assignment, I thought I knew how to write a cover letter and resume, but I was wrong. There are many technical details that you need to take into consideration when writing. For example, after reading the textbook and listening to Mr.B, I learned that in order to have a good cover letter you should always mention if you have the qualities and skills mentioned in the job description. Also, it is important to only include necessary things that relate to the job in your resume.

              The second assignment I had to interview someone and write a report about them and their job. I found this assignment to be not only an assignment that I had to complete for a class, but an assignment that would give me confidence and eagerness to pursue a career in the computer science field. I had the honor to interview a man named Christopher Tramel, who I met through the use of technology. From this I learned about the daily life of a software engineer.

              The third assignment was a lab report which I felt like was an unnecessary assignment, but it did help me learn about information literacy, which is the use of the CCNY online library. The CCNY library gave me multiple sources on dices and probability. I synthesized all the information I obtained through the online library to write my background info on the report. After I completed my report on probability of rolling a dice, I had to write citations in APA format, which I was not familiar with, but it helped me with the following assignments.

              The next assignment was the proposal project where we collaborated with other to create a proposal that would benefit the school. Since this was a group project and we had to present our proposal to the audience, my group and I had to really take into account the audience when writing. We needed an idea that the audience would be attracted to, so we decided to propose an idea of a hotel. Like the lab report we researched information on hotel management and hotel construction, so we could synthesis into a good proposal. Having a group to do this proposal project with was beneficial when it came to drafting and revising because one person would work on the project and then the next would revise the previous and work on the next part. Also, this assignment was beneficial because it taught me the importance of planning a presentation and making sure everyone knew their part to create a pleasing experience to the audience.

              Finally, the last assignment was the technical description that I wrote on the process of PC building. My focus was on the process of choosing parts rather than building the actual computer. For this assignment we need to use information literacy find a source similar to our topic. I found a paper on kids building PCs. This assignment also had a presentation part like the last assignment, however this was a solo presentation which made me a bit more nervous but at the end of the day I felt my presentation was good.

              Altogether, I would say this class was one of the best I have had so far in my college career due to the amount of skills, that are beneficial to the real world, I learned. I hope to use these skills I learned through writing and presenting throughout my life so that I can be successful.

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